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  • Excellent thanks very much you’ve covered everything totally appreciated keep up the good work thank you
    Byron Buckett
  • Hi, I used the remove you headlining video as mine had gone beyond repair, worth every penny (£8.84).
    Gavin Robinson
  • Thanks very much for this video. I spent ages looking for this dam sensor in my '03 vw Passat. Even vw didn't even know where it was..... Once I saw this video I found the sensor and unplugged/replugged it and boom, ESP light went out. Problem solved.....
    Chris Nichols
  • Thank you for the video,excellent and very professional
    Keang family
  • You’re a life saver, im from Australia and audi wanted to charge me 3 hours to change at 700 dollars!!! You’re a legend
    Tomble Weed
  • Beautiful video, no distracting background music, just straightforward information. Thank you.
    Jim Ragland
  • just the exact person you need for explaining some tricky things....very well explain ....
    oj popovici - How to Remove Door Card Panel
  • Thanks a lot love your videos.
    Mirnes Kovacevic - How to Remove Climate Control
  • Thanks so much. I changed out one in about 60 seconds due to your tutorial.
    Losee Rich
  • These videos has truly taught me so much.
  • The Attenborough of Audi
    Ross Janoch
  • Truly Professional Brilliant Excellent video 10 out of 10
    Andrew Amess
  • very helpfull tutorial's ... job was much easier thank you guys
    Piotrek sierrafreak
  • Thanks for the video to remove headliner from the A4 Avant. Money well spend. And thanks for returning my double purchase. I think I will spend it on the video to remove the center consult
    Martin Laursen
  • Wow!! Thank you so much for these videos!! Keep posting these videos you've easily earned yourself a subscriber!!
    cpahitman1 - How to Remove Boot Trunk Lock
  • Finally, someone that knows the importance of showing the actual screws being used... kudos for that!
    Peace Dog
  • Absolutely sh*t hot this channel, videos are first class and easy to follow. Clear concise instruction, no ambiguity .i've Been subbed for a while now, always first port of call for any work I do myself.
  • Excellent video! Very well explained and edited so you don\'t have to sit through needless information like wheel removal, etc.
  • I purchased your - remove the headliner from a Audi A4 avant, wouldn’t have been able to have done it without it, great stuff
  • Love the content and clear explanations.
    Damon Pap
  • Awesome video! clear simple and fast
  • Great video that's easier than i thought it would be
    paul wheeler
  • So pleased to have found your site! Have fixed a couple of small niggles, wobbly centre console and loose tailgate interior (yes, the light had been put in wrong way round by previous owner) now looking at more major jobs like the headlining. Many thanks for your clear and concise videos.
    Alan Webb
  • Really love you guys!!.. Help me a lot with my S4 b6
  • Great detailed videos
  • I appreciate the attention to detail, to include proper removal of the connectors. Very easy to follow. Thanks much.
    matthew miller
  • This is such a great channel. It's like walking into a goldmine of knowledge the B7!
    Robert Oakley
  • Thanks for the video!! You saved my day!
  • Absolutely the most insightful review ever👍🏾👍🏾
    Millwood Drivers_network
  • Recently bought the S4 B6 2003 , your channel has been so helpful with understanding this beast ! Thankyou so much.
    Nitro 182
  • Nice helpful video, thanks :-)
  • Great platform to go to when jobs need doing! Keep up the good work
  • Thank you!!! worked perfectly thanks to your instructions
  • Your videos help people like me a lot avoiding the worst mistakes that can happen when working on my car and save huge money paying to workshops on minor jobs
    riaz shamsudeen
  • Thanks! This worked perfectly.
    A. W. Thompson
  • Wow!! Thank you so much for these videos!! Keep posting these videos you've easily earned yourself a subscriber!!
    ilya P Sichkar - How to Remove Clutch Pedal Sensor A4
  • Excellent thanks very much you’ve covered everything totally appreciated keep up the good work thank you
    Byron Buckett
  • All your videos are excellent! Perfect view framing with clear, concise instruction and all the necessary cautions. Great job!
    Frank Horvath
  • Thank you! You helped saving life of a kitty which happend to travel behind the grill for over 100 miles before we discovered it was there -)). Also we avoided using hammer to break the grill, so thanks a lot bro!))
    Roman Stativka
  • Fantastic and thorough explanation.
    Alex Becker
  • Love the vids you guys have done. Bought a V8 allroad and your videos have helped me not break anything 😂!
    D&J Automotive
  • THE BEST video ever for timing belt on VW!! This is so cool to have the real good information, not just "feeling mechanic" which we can see most of time. This is so clear, absolutly perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge.
    FX W
  • Loved the videos and followed them to change out my daughter's turn signal stalk on her 2007 A4 Cabriolet, so now her brights work. Thank you very much for posting them, super well done and very informative.
  • So glad you made this site. Certainly makes working on my A4 B7 Cabriolet a whole lot easier. Thank you
  • Your videos and information are so quality; I really appreciate that! Keep up the good work
    Nathaniel Kren
  • Thank you for this detailed video. You're just the sort of person people want working on their pride and joy - rather than someone who rips things off without care and expertise!
    Itchy Scratch
  • Great info and good clear videos and explanations - thanks guys! I have an A6 C5 and although I have a great specialist tech to work on the car, it's so hard to get any decent help for DIY stuff, so your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!!
    Adam Buttery
  • this was an absolutely great explanation. So good, that I almost cannot believe, I got that for free. Thank you so much. So saved me about 150€
  • This is probably the best DIY-video I've ever seen. 👏👌
    Tord Andreassen
  • Dude your videos are pure gold for Audi A4 owners
  • Used you for the first time today to find out how to remove the rear seats from my A4 Cabriolet. Fantastic just about covers it, I would have wasted hours and probably done some damage if it were not for your video. Thank you very much!!!
    Andy Lyndon
  • Excellent non-bulls**t video covering all important items by someone who actually knows what he's talking about. A rare find on YT nowadays... Thanks!
  • Learnt 10 times more than 10 other videos i saw about this.. thanks mate
    Jatin Shetty
  • Just changed the rear pads on my 2011 Passat following the steps in this video. I've never changed pads before on any car, but this video made it so easy. It also saved me a heap because I got the exact same Eicher pads as in the video for €14 on sale.Thanks Total Technik
    Steven Brogan
  • Saved a few quid by replacing door loom wiring myself after watching vid on here
    cumbria cam
  • Great site with loads of fantastic easy to follow videos. I've managed to do loads of little jobs on my RS4 that has saved me a fortune over dealer or garage prices. Keep up the good work
    Chris Dunham

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